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Whatever happened to Boy George?

Boy George was born in Kent in 1961, as George Alan O’Dowd.

Malcolm McLaren (who managed the Sex Pistols) organized for a young Boy George to perform with the group Bow Wow Wow. It was an absolute disaster and he was at one time boo’d off the stage.
Boy George Singing
He eventually teamed up with Mickey Craig and John Moss. They went through a couple of bandnames, including “Praise of Lemmings” and “Sex Gang Children”. They were an odd lot: a Transvestite, Black Man and Jew. They eventually settled on the more apt “Culture Club”.

As the Culture Club, they were to become famous. Their debut album “Kissing to be Clever” was released in 1982 and the single, “Do you Really want to Hurt Me”, shot to the number 1 position on many international charts.

They followed this up with an albulm called “Colour by Numbers” and the single off this albulm, “Karma Chameleon” really catapulted Boy George to stardom. It was number 1 on the charts in no less than sixteen countries.
boy george twitter
A relativeley unsuccesful solo career, by comparison, followed. So did drug addiction, stints in rehab, culminating in a prison sentence in 2009.

He was sentenced to 15 months in prison for assault and “false imprisonment” of a male escort, who he locked in his flat in London!

What a colourful character!

We would definatley consider Boy George worth a “follow” on Twitter.

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 May 23, 2012

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