Because we love Dita Von Teese so much, we thought we would put together 10 interesting and relatively unknown facts about here.

However, first we thought you would enjoy these stunning images of her.

10 Interesting Facts about Dita Von Teese:

1. She posed nude for the 2002 issue of Playboy Magazine. She was photographed by her “soon-to-be” (now “ex”) husband Marilyn Manson.

2. She is about to release her first range of Cosmetics with Artdeco.

3. She was born Heather Renée Sweet, the middle of three daughters.

4. She has admitted to numerous Lesbian relationships.

5. She worked in a local strip club when she was 18.

6. She gained recognition in the Fetish community as a “tightlacer”. The practice of reducing your waistline by continually wearing tight corsets.

7. Her waistline stands at 22 inches. This can be reduced to 16.5 inches, if wearing a tighter corset.

8. She once spent $70,000 on a single dress.

9. She was asked by the CSI producers to cover up her cleavage while filming in one of their shows.

10. She has a fascination with egg-cups and collects them.

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