May 152012

We are huge fans of Iain Banks!

In fact, we are such huge fans that we are making a rare exception here at ArbitraryTweets. He doesn’t officially have a Twitter account, rather his London Literary Agents, have “place held” his account for him.
iain banks
Iain Banks is a Scottish writer (born 1954). He signs his books in two ways:

1. Iain Banks for his regular works of fiction,


2. Iain “M” Banks for his science fiction series of novels called the “culture” series. (The “M” stands for his adopted middle name Menzies. Go figure.)

His first book, called “The Wasp Factory“, was published in 1984. It is the most astounding (and dark) novel I have ever read (I don’t normally write in the first here)! Mind blowing stuff.

Another one of his amazing creations is “The Player of Games“, from the culture series. It is the closest I think anyone has come to predicting what society will be like in 500 years time. (Look out for, what I call, the “floating i-pad.)

If you have nover read Iain Banks, then do yourself a favour and go to Amazon and get these two books (click on the two images below). You will not be sorry!

Iain Banks Twitter

Even though he is officially not on Twitter, he deserves a follow anyway.

Follow @iainbanks.

 May 15, 2012

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