A little saucy Kamasutra business for today! Enjoy the Pictures and Facts!


1. The exact origins of the Kama Sutra are sketchy, however it was thought to have been composed between 200 and 400 AD by
V?tsy?yana, A Hindu philosopher in the Vedic tradition.

2. Sir Richard F. Burton translated it into English 1876, who first came across it in Bombay in 1942. Burton said: “We British never knew of this kind of love-making. Had we known, we would not have ruined the lives of so many British virgins.” The Kama Sutra did not become legal in Britain until 1963.

3. It was written in the ancient Sanskrit language. In Sanskrit, Kama means desire and Sutra means rules. In the context of the book “desire” includes singing, reading, poetry and dancing as well as sex.

4. The Kama Sutra contains a total of 64 sexual positions! Some very athletic. V?tsy?yana believed there were eight ways of making love, multiplied by eight positions within each of these. In the book, they are known as the 64 Atrs.

5. According to the Kama Sutra a man becomes irresistible to women if he were to tie the bone of a peacock or hyena which has been covered in gold to his right hand.

6. It recommends biting and scratching as ways of improving love-making. It states that: “The qualities of good nails are that they should be bright, well set, clean, entire, convex, soft, and glossy in appearance.”

7. The Kama Sutra gives tips on the best ways to arrange a house. It suggests that people will be happiest if they have a pot for spitting in, a lute hanging from an elephant’s tooth, a soft bed and pots of flowers.

8. A whole chapter is devoted to ways of seducing and getting away with sleeping with other men’s wives.

9. The Kama Sutra contains a very early recipe for Viagra. It suggests that sparrows’ eggs boiled in milk and then mixed with clarified butter and honey will do wonders for a man’s love life.

10. Funnily enough, Code breakers also find the Kama Sutra fascinating as it contains instructions for making messages unreadable. The Kama Sutra included encryption as an art a woman should study.

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