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Mr Children (ミスターチルドレン) are a Japanese Pop Rock Band and they are HUGE!

They have sold over 50 Million albums. They sold 1.2 Million copies of their 10th single “Namonaki Uta” (名もなき詩) in it’s first week! A record they held in Japan for 15 years.

Children J Pop
Mr Children have a record of 30 consecutive number 1 singles.
Kazutoshi Sakurai, Kenichi Tahara, Keisuke Nakagawa, and Hideya Suzuki
They were formed in 1988 by Kazutoshi Sakurai, Kenichi Tahara, Keisuke Nakagawa and Hideya Suzuki.

Their official fan club is called “Father and Mother”. You can only join their fan club by mail along with an admission fee of 3500 Yen! You have to re-apply to be admitted every year.

Here is a Mr Children music video of them live. Check it out!:

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 July 11, 2012

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