double yolk egg

I was making scrambled eggs for my family this morning and was shocked by the first egg, as it had a double yolk. To be honest I have never seen this before!
double yolks
According to one source – “The chances of cracking open a double yolked egg are pretty slim. One tenth of one per cent in fact.”

To my astonishment, the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth egg were also all “double yolked”!

What are the odds of having six (6) double yolked eggs in one single box of six eggs?

One source puts it at “a trillion to one”!

If there is a statastician out there who would like to weigh in here, that would be appreciated.

From Wikipedia:
eggs in a carton
“Double-yolk eggs happen when ovulation occurs too rapidly. Also, when one yolk becomes joined with another yolk.

Double yolked eggs may happen when a young hen’s reproductive cycle not yet being synchronized.

Some hybrid breeds of hens also produce double-yolk eggs by default. India, apparently, produces eggs like this.”
double yolk eggs
So, whatever the odds our family had a very lucky and rare breakfast! I am off to buy a Lotto ticket!

We have opened a new Twitter account for this amazing happening:

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 May 19, 2012

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