Jul 122012

Tim Berners-Lee ladies and gentlemen! This is the man who invented the World Wide Web!

inventor of the Internet

While working at CERN he wrote his submitted his first proposal in March 1989. He revised this with Robert Cailliau in 1990.

The very first website was built at CERN and was first put online on 6 August 1991; with the address http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html

In an interview in 2009, Tim Berners-Lee admitted that the initial pair of slashes (“//”) in a web address were actually “unnecessary”. He said that he could easily have designed URLs not to have the slashes.

What we find amazing about Berners-Lee is that he made his idea available freely. He didn’t patent it and didn’t expect any royalties. It has been estimated that the Internet is worth $684 billion to the United States GDP every year! Big up to the man! Respect!

Queen Elizabeth II knighted Tim Berners-Lee in 2004. He is now Sir Tim Berners-Lee. And bloody rightly so!

For the mere fact that you wouldn’t be reading this without the man, we recommend Berners-Lee is most definitely worth a BIG follow.

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 July 12, 2012

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