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Vanilla Ice Ice Baby! He was born Robert Matthew Van Winkle on October 31, 1967, in Dallas, Texas.

He got the nickname “Vanilla” from his friends when he was 13. From a young age he was big into breakdancing. The “Ice” part of his name comes from one of his breakdance moves.
Ice Ice Baby
He wrote his classic, “Ice Ice Baby”, when he was 16. A little know fact is that he was also big into motocross, winning The Grand National Championships.

In 1987, he was stabbed 5 times outside City Lights Nightclub.

Vanilla’s debut album, “To the Extreme” was the fastest selling hip hop album ever. It spent 16 weeks on the charts, and sold eleven million copies. Obviously making him a very rich man!

As is often the case, Vanilla started doing heavy drugs and partying. He attempted suicide with a heroine overdose on the 4th July 1994. He was revived by his friends, and this seemed to be a turning point.

The lucky bugger also dated Madonna in late 1990. Vanilla, my man, if you ever read this, please let us know “how it was” if you know what I mean?

Here is some classic Vanilla Ice from Youtube (23 million views and counting!)

Anyhow, we think that Vanilla Ice is worth a follow…..

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 September 24, 2012

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