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The Best Twitter Tools: Go For It


Yachika Verma

Twitter is a very popular social networking site that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. People express their mind through this microblogging service and get feedbacks from people as well. There are certain effective tools for twitters which are mentioned bellow…

1. Co Tweet

Co tweet is used for monitoring, interacting and scheduling tweets. It assists in multiple account support, team features and conversation view and also helps the companies to monitor and interact with their customers who are using the micro-blogging service. If your company has multiple brands, then co tweet is the perfect tool to maintain numerous twitter accounts. This service is at present free and in order to find out more about co tweet visit:www.cotweet.com.  Download Cotweet here.

Twitter Tools

2. Tweet Deck

Tweet Desk is used for monitoring topics and groups, tweeting, Facebook and MySpace integration.
It is an Adobe Air application that simplifies using the service and let the users to follow a large number of topics on one screen. Tweet Deck tool is useful to handle multiple accounts and a version of this tool is also available for iphone users. Tweet Deck tool is free to use and you can easily download Tweet Deck here.

3. Radian6

Radian6is an effective twitter tool that is used for social media monitoring and responses. It provides help for broad monitoring, analytics, response management, and CRM integration.Radian6 gives the source for your engagement with any community that includes Twitter. Thus, a subscribing company can view the opinion of their customers in a precise way.

The best thing about Radian6 tool is that it can monitor more than just Twitter. It will help you to monitor your brand across the entire social web and will make you actively engage with your customers. This tool is available on a subscription basis and you can download Radian6 here.

4. Twitter hawk

Twitter hawkis a very popular tool that is used in local, targeted tweeting. It has the capability to save your company from spamming the uninterested. Twitter is a global tool that is getting more popular with a global reach. However, if you have a large targeted market in a specific region, area or city, you will have to narrow your message down a bit, though not much. Twitter hawk will help you to narrow down your radar sweep to find people in a certain area. You can download Twitter Hawk here.

5. Twitter feed

Another very useful twitter tool is twitter feed which is used to automatically share RSS content via Twitter. It quickly expands content to your target reach and helps you to get immediate response.
A lot of companies are there that have blogs or other content sources and are better-off spreading their message in long-form rather than Twitter. However, still they can make their message available to the Twitter crowd through Twitter feed.

This free service will move forward the content of an RSS feed to Twitter, ping.fm and also to the other micro-blogging services. It’s just a three-step procedure to link-up your Twitter account and connect to an RSS feed. Download Twitter Feedhere.

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 February 26, 2012

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